NBC Expands in Online Health Niche

Published on: 2015-02-05

As Adweek tells us:
NBC has added a half-dozen new distribution partners to its recently formed NBC Digital Health Network while also launching a new stand-alone consumer Web site --

Announced in May, NBC Digital Health Network distributes health-related video content to partner Web sites, video-on-demand services and place-based digital platforms. Since launching, the network has ballooned from three to 15 syndication outlets, including the newly announced partners the American Cancer Society, the science and health-related Web site and the community site Wellsphere.
Our take:

NBC has taken a backseat to CBS in terms of visibility in the alternative out-of-home advertising world (where digital signage networks are typically grouped), since CBS has made a very public acquisition in the space (a'la SignStorey), whereas NBC has primarily taken the more conservative approach of partnering with organizations who have already made the large capital expenditures necessary to build out networks.  However, this story shows that the group is taking our space seriously, and understands that scale is often the biggest differentiator between the successful advertisers and the unsuccessful ones.

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