Modiv Media Expands Digital In-Store Media Delivery

Published on: 2015-02-05

As this article in TMCNet notes:

To enable the delivery of media to retail customers based on in-store activity, including basket contents and in-aisle location, Modiv Shopper 5.0 and Modiv MediaHub 1.0 are now using Microsoft Atlas AdManager. With these new capabilities, the company is also able to offer relevant 1:1 offer delivery based on shopping and redemption history. Brands are now able to communicate at the moment of decision with a grocery shopper. This capacity lets them considerably improve the self-service shopping experience for the customer.

Our take:

What the article leaves out is that the retailer already has to be using Microsoft's complete stack in order to take advantage of all of the features.  While some retailers do use their software, Microsoft is still a relatively small player in the enterprise software space, including the critical inventory, CSM and CRM components that are needed to truly offer 1:1 relevancy (if that's possible at all, in fact).

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