Lifeclinic uses digital signs to provide customer education

Published on: 2015-02-05

Lifeclinic has had its ups and downs. In the latest incarnation of their digital signage plans, the company expects to:
upgrade its self-testing blood pressure monitors with interactive consumer wellness communication programs intended to provide shoppers with solutions for healthy living.

Consumer health information will be displayed on LearnSomething's interactive digital signage, called the Health Communicator(TM), paid for with relevant advertising and installed on Lifeclinic's blood pressure monitors currently located in more than 20,000 pharmacies throughout the country. LearnSomething, the leading supplier of eMedia solutions for the food, drug and mass retail industries, produces healthy living consumer content for its ShopperAssist(TM) and LearnSomethingAbout(TM) line of products.

Shoppers checking their blood pressure on a Lifeclinic monitor will be able to activate a brief multimedia consumer wellness segment on a topic of their interest. Each Health Communicator(TM) will have ten channels selected by individual pharmacies to meet their patients' needs, with topics ranging from Rx adherence to hypertension, weight management to diabetes, nutritional supplements to cholesterol management, and many others, including seasonal concerns, each with associated promotional messages.
Our take:

LifeClinic does have an enormous footprint for their blood pressure measurement devices, however these relatively inexpensive machines are much easier to blanket stores with than pricey digital signage systems.  However, the company has had some success selling static ads, and it's certainly possible that marketers -- who are already looking all over the place for media promising better results than TV, print and radio -- might be willing to take the plunge and try out the firm's new digital scheme.

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