Interactive windows dare you to catch a Scion tC

Published on: 2015-02-05

Via this engadget post:

In order to market its limited edition tC Release Series 4.0, it partnered up with InWindow to cover a series of street-side windows with bubbles which reacted to movements made by captivated individuals walking by. Granted, the installation isn't nearly as addictive as say, trying to wrangle up every single Pokémon, but it definitely managed to hold the attention of a few geeked-out civilians.

Our take:

Interactive store windows can definitely be eye-catching, however traditionally they've been used to promote less-expensive goods (even if those goods were pricey Polo and Tommy Hilfiger clothes). Using the displays for promoting cars -- especially Scions, which skew to younger, more tech-savvy, and more media-jaded demographic -- would seem like a smart move. As the core audience starts to become immune even to newer-generation advertising mechanisms like in-store digital signs and mobile ads, increasingly unusual (and often flashy) techniques may become necessary.

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