Interactive store windows the wrong way

Published on: 2015-02-05

ShopperCulture tipped us off on this interactive store window project for FNAC:

Interesting idea. Engaging use of sound and motion. Interesting way to sample music.  Disappointing when it doesn't respond properly.  When you touch the CD in the wall it is supposed to change tracks, and it doesn't do that quickly enough, look what happens.

Our take:

Interactive store windows like those trialled by Ralph Lauren's 5th Ave. Polo store and a couple Tommy Hilfiger stores in Europe seem to be getting a lot of press - they're eye-catching and unusual enough to still be a novelty for oft-hardened city folk.  But when done incorrectly they carry all of the high costs but offer few benefits.  In the worst case, they might even turn away shoppers who otherwise thought well of your brand or might have been contemplating a stop in your store.

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