HughesNet to power the Automotive Broadcasting Network

Published on: 2015-02-05

According to this press release:

Hughes Network Systems, LLC, the global leader in broadband satellite network solutions and services, announced today that the Automotive Broadcasting Network(TM) (ABN), a private auto retailing television network, has selected the HughesNet(R) Managed Digital Media Service to distribute video content to automotive dealerships across the US.

The Automotive Broadcasting Network is a subscription-based service providing high-quality, family-friendly entertainment programming from CBS not normally available during business hours, as well as clips and segments from CBS news and talk programs, to each dealer site. Dealers who subscribe to the service also can develop and control their own local advertising content to be shown throughout their facilities. This translates into new opportunities to enhance customer loyalty, improve customer satisfaction scores, and boost sales by reaching customers while they wait for their cars to be serviced.

Our take:

We feel that so-called captive audience networks require a lot more attention, as there are a fair number of these systems (some quite large), yet they tend to get minimal press.  On the one hand, it could be because their results are mediocre and they don't want to draw any more attention than necessary to themselves, but that doesn't seem to go along with the fact that more of these types of networks are being installed every day.

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