Healthnotes rebrands itself to 'Aisle7'

Published on: 2015-02-05

As Progressive Grocer tells us:

Healthnotes, a provider of wellness marketing programs for food and drug retailers, said today it has changed its name to Aisle7 in a new branding initiative designed to cater to the broadening health and wellness market -- and shopper marketing initiatives -- at retail.

Healthnotes, known for providing educational content for in-store kiosks and retailers' Web sites, said it began expanding into a storewide marketing solution in 2006, and has seen over 40 percent annual growth in this segment of the business. Today Healthnotes/Aisle7 claims to be part of more than 2,500 retail implementations, including projects at nine of the top 10 U.S. supermarket chains.

Our take:

Healthnotes has a large footprint, and offers services that appear to be quite valuable, if our anecdotal observations of people using the system are any indication at all.  However, they are still first-and-foremost a health care kiosk provider. We've yet to see any indication of a larger in-store marketing program or systems that offer services that aren't health-related, so it's difficult to say what the true intent of the name change is.

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