HP Unveils New Touch-Screen Desktops

Published on: 2015-02-05

As AdAge notes:

Following the wave of awe and acclaim over the iPhone's distinctive touch-screen, PCs are joining the latest "hands-on" revolution in tech, led by Hewlett-Packard. The question is whether the innovation will catch on as well with consumers.

John Cook, VP-marketing of HP's consumer PC business, said, 'The HP TouchSmart PC is all about reinventing the personal computer experience.'

HP this week unveiled two sleek and consumer-friendly touch-screen desktop computers that are set to hit retail stores in July. HP had last year introduced its first TouchSmart computer, but most agree it was a first-generation market test.

Our take:

Find it odd that Advertising Age would bother writing an article about a new computer in HP's lineup? Yup, us too.  However, there is definitely an increased interest in new forms of experiential advertising, with Microsoft's Surface showing us that touchscreen kiosks can finally be a sexy, front-and-center component of even the most image-conscious retailer's in-store marketing paradigm.  While HP's new kit doesn't necessarily offer much new in terms of technology, form or function, the very fact that a tier-1 solutions provider is trying to make a move in the space is noteworthy.  We feel that's likely what AdAge was trying to get across, without ever saying as much.

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