Gilbarco, Allure Global try out digital signage for convenience stores

Published on: 2015-02-05

Straddling the line between "news" and "not news" comes this, via TechLinks:

Gilbarco Veeder-Root and Allure Global Solutions, Inc. of Atlanta, GA are developing integrated digital signage solutions that coordinate advertising and promotional messages inside and outside the convenience store. Gilbarco’s Applause™ media system will drive messaging on Encore® S dispensers with color screens as well as the indoor digital signs from Allure Global Solutions.

“Digital signage is proven to be more effective than paper signs in driving retail sales,” said Kirn Khalsa, self-service marketing manager at Gilbarco Veeder-Root. “Retailers who deploy these solutions enjoy the flexibility to change messaging instantly across the entire site and avoid the time needed to prepare and hang traditional paper signs.”

Our take:

There has been a lot of interest at gas pump digital signage as well as signage in convenience stores, and while we understand that some of these are modestly successful so far, they've all been done as retrofits paid for by the network company. By selling a packaged solution, it's unclear whether Gilbarco will be targeting existing stations (which seems most likely, since they're the biggest audience), or those requiring upgrades and new installations.

Convenience stores, where the Allure portion of the deal comes into play, seem a more lucrative potential, and we understand that one of the big guys may be set to make an announcement in the near future about aggressive rollout plans.  However, here, too, there has been plenty of advertising potential, but few, if any, have been able to show success enough to consistently have a positive return on investment. There are certainly more failure than success stories in this space, but that too should change as digital out-of-home advertising continues to gain acceptance in the market.

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