Geico Rocks Ecast Network with Caveman Promotion

Published on: 2015-02-05

dBusinessNews notes that:

The "Geico Dancing Caveman" promotion began this month in hundreds of bars and nightclubs throughout New Jersey and Connecticut. When consumers touch on any of the campaign promotional banners, Geico plays to individual listening tastes by offering the choice between the disco-dancing or the rock-n-roller Geico Cavemen. After a brief performance, consumers are invited to take a survey and are presented with access to a music playlist that correlates to the genre of caveman they selected earlier.

The campaign incorporates notable features that are unique to an Ecast promotion. For example, the user-interface actually morphs into part of the insurance company's integrated marketing campaign, meaning that the advertiser has completely branded the jukebox controls. There are few advertising vehicles that can offer such a feature. Geico is the first insurance company to recognize the value of the Ecast network and its reach to the elusive 21-34 demographic.

Our take:

Ecast continues to have success getting big companies to try out new marketing programs on their massive network of digital jukeboxes in bars, nightclubs and restaurants.  They offer advertisers a unique platform that has proven itself within the challenging yet lucrative 21-34 demographic. Considering the mind share that the Geico Cavemen already have, and their popularity among the younger audience, extending that campaign onto Ecast's platform seems a natural fit.

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