Fujitsu to provide comprehensive digital media solutions

Published on: 2015-02-05

As noted in this press release:
Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc. today announced that it will work with partner TELentice Global Inc. to market Fujitsu’s new, comprehensive Digital Media Solutions (DMS) to retailers.

Fujitsu and TELentice have developed a system that combines the hardware, software and services required to create, deploy and manage chain-wide, multi-media information campaigns.

The solutions enable retailers to develop integrated solutions that intelligently deliver video, animation, text, audio and visuals directly to a variety of electronic media, including plasma and LCD screens, mobile devices, point-of-sale (POS) displays, interactive displays, Web sites and more.

“We want Fujitsu to become a retailer’s one-stop-shop for their digital media needs,” said Howard Witherspoon, chairman and chief executive officer of TELentice. “With the managed end-to-end Fujitsu Digital Media Solutions, retailers will be able to distribute video announcements, advertisements, promotions, news, educational material and other information to employees and customers in-store and through mobile devices.”

Our take:

Fujitsu and TELentice have had a weird relationship. The company (or back then, the software that eventually became the company) was developed internally by Fujitsu in Australia. After some limited successes in that market, they tried to expand it into Europe and North America, though had very little penetration, likely due to two factors.  First, the software just wasn't very good, and couldn't hold up against more mature digital signage software offerings.  Second, Fujitsu was more interested in selling screens than software, so they'd often drop their own offering in favor of a software platform that was more likely to win the deal, enabling them to sell plasma and LCD screens.

Since spinning out the software into its own company, they've continued to have a close relationship, though we've very, very rarely ever encountered TELentice in a competitive bid.
 Whether or not that will change with Fujitsu's latest announcement that they're sticking with the platform remains to be seen.

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