Fujitsu announces integrated digital signage solution

Published on: 2015-02-05

As this press release tells us:

Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc., Fujitsu Components America, Inc. and Fujitsu Transactions Solutions, Inc. today announced the Fujitsu Digital Media solution, the industry's most comprehensive offering that integrates all components of the digital media process to provide customers with a complete end-to-end solution. The solution will provide customized hardware, Fujitsu developed TELentice software, installation consulting services, optional hosting, and managed services. The Fujitsu solution enables retailers, restaurants and other businesses to cost-effectively deliver digital content, engage their target audience, bolster brand awareness and enhance the overall consumer experience.

Our take:

Whoever decided that this was the "most comprehensive offering" clearly hasn't done any market research. There are literally hundreds of vendors serving the digital signage market, and our estimates are that there are somewhere in the range of 75-80 "full service" firms offering hardware, software and service in the US market alone. Coupled with the fact that Fujitsu's Telentice software is generally regarded as clunky and hard-to-use, we believe that this announcement might actually lead to less revenue for the company in the digital signage market as integrators and other vendors move towards screen makers that won't try to twist arms to get them to use their complete "solution."  Cannibalism, anyone?

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