Foxconn showcases tiny PD-W1001 DLP projector

Published on: 2015-02-05

This news courtesy of AVING, via Engadget:

Foxconn unveiled its ultra-small DLP projector 'PD-W1001' during Computex 2008, which is smaller thatn a handset.

Supporting WVGA(854*480) resolution and 25lm brightness, the PD-W1001 is expected to be available in 2Q of 2009.

Our take:

We've been tracking the progress of so-called micro projectors for some time now (TI promises projector in a cellphone by 2008?, More mini-projection systems on tap soon, Embedded projectors coming to a cellphone near you), but have not yet seen any of the devices actually make it onto the market, much less become a commercial success. While the obvious outlet for the bulk of these things is the consumer market, we maintain that there are a number of interesting business cases that could make good use of them as well, particularly in the retail digital signage space.  Given the number of vendors working on similar devices, it seems like only a matter of time before affordable micro projectors do become generally available.  However, for now they're strictly in the realm of vaporware -- products that have been announced and hyped, but can't yet be bought.

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