Ecast unveils Ecast IQ interactive digital signage

Published on: 2015-02-05

'TMC's press release archive picked up this story from a few weeks ago that's worth mentioning:

Ecast, the leader in place-based interactive media, is launching Ecast IQ(TM), a touchscreen media product that gives marketers a dramatically different way to entertain and inform digitally savvy consumers out of home.

With this announcement Ecast brings its expertise in delivering highly engaging consumer experiences to a broad range of markets including retail, hotel, sports/entertainment are nas and healthcare. The announcement was made today at the KioskCom Self Service Show being held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, booth #218.

The Ecast IQ is a 40-inch vertically oriented flat-panel 1080p high-definition (HD) touchscreen powered by Ecast's robust media platform. Bringing the functionality of the Internet to out-of-home venues, the Ecast platform utilizes Web-based technology, including DoubleClick(R) DART(R), to deliver targeted, on-demand content including interactive advertising, video, real-time surveys, games and more. The Ecast platform supports a wide array of third-party applications, allowing easy integration of popular services such as mobile, e-commerce and social media including photo sharing. For example, through a partnership with LocaModa -- an interactive media platform connecting digital out-of-home, mobile and web networks -- consumers can use their cell phones to interact with Ecast IQ, enhancing the personalized experience by extending it beyond the device itself.

Our take:

While there isn't anything particularly remarkable about this product offering, the fact that Ecast is the company behind it makes this announcement newsworthy.  Why? Well, they're simply one of the few successful, large and growing networks out there today, and their interest in such a product could well illustrate future market trends.

Will Ecast become a competitor to other digital signage software vendors or integrated solutions providers?  If so, what competitive advantage will they have?  Or will this product only go into existing customer locations as part of an expanded Ecast network?  It's hard to get a feeling for where the company is headed, but they're definitely one to keep watching.

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