Digital signage for one-to-one marketing

Published on: 2015-02-05

1 to 1 Media asks whether digital signage can be used for 1:1 marketing programs:
The way digital signage adds value for the retailer or hotel or arena, etc., that uses it is in the information exchange. Today’s digital signage is far more than that digitally delivered poster; it’s a tool that should be connected to POS and CRM systems to create interactivity and gather insight. Collard cites a store in Japan whose digital signage is connected to its loyalty program data. Customers can pass their phone across a scanner on the sign and the sign will deliver a message relevant to that customer based on past purchase behavior, and then send back a coupon to the phone regarding the product and offer just shown on the sign. The trick here is that the retailer also has the signage connected to its inventory system, so it will only make an offer on what’s available in the store at that time.
Our take:

Aside from the fact that this article is practically written in the style of a paid advertisement for a digital signage software vendor, it asks an important question: does digital signage work for 1:1 marketing purposes. Our expectation is that 1:1 marketing programs that reside primarily inside the store will be subject to intense scrutiny by privacy advocates and civil libertarians in the years to come, regardless of whether they utilize in-store digital signage networks, interactive kiosks or other self-service devices, or push-marketing to mobile phones and PDAs.  Programs that successfully get customers  to opt-in at every visit and prove to provide a strong value to customers will be successful.  Those that don't, will not. Those that invade privacy or take advantage of a customer's trust will get sued out of existence.

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