Digital signage advertising network for drug testing launched

Published on: 2015-02-05

According to this press release:

Commonwealth Biomedical Research, LLC., a respected leader in the clinical trial research industry announces the launch of a new division devoted to clinical trial subject recruitment content and information distribution via its digital signage network. Digi-AdServices Network (DSN) was developed to fill an ever growing void in the methods of patient recruitment and research information distribution in the clinical research community.

Traditional patient recruitment methods utilizing brochures, newspaper advertisements, and radio and television ad campaigns have become largely ineffective in delivering the information necessary for a potential study volunteer to make an informed decision about becoming a study participant. Brochures typically pile up in the waiting room and with the advent of DVR’s and Satellite Radio, mass marketed audio-visual advertising is being bypassed completely as viewers and listeners opt to pass over commercials.

Our take:

This is certainly a different take on the medical captive audience network.  Typically, such networks are founded on the idea that pharmaceutical companies will pay through the nose to reach audiences as they wait to talk with their doctors, get lab tests done, and so on.  But Digi-AdServices's approach seems unique enough: drug testing companies spend millions of dollars trying to reach individuals willing to submit themselves to drug research. Thus, even the large capex associated with digital signage networks might not thwart their plans.

What will be critical to their success is the actual subscription rate -- if the network is any good at recruiting new research subjects, there's a strong chance that they'll be able to become profitable and expand based purely on operating cashflow.  However, if it's not any good at picking up new recruits, the network will be forced to fall back on more traditional (and traditionally less successful) advertising-driven content to try and make ends meet.

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