Digital Signage Association Elects Officers

Published on: 2015-02-05

MarketWatch has this press release that says:

The Advisory Board of the Digital Signage Association (DSA) has elected its first Executive Committee, with Stu Armstrong, president of EnQii North America named the first president of the Association. Along with electing a president, the DSA Advisory Board also elected vice presidents representing various constituencies. Those elected include:
  • President - Stu Armstrong, EnQii North America
  • Vice President, Vendors - Charles Ansley, Symon Communications and Dick Trask, Scala
  • Vice President, Users - Margot Myers, United States Postal Service
  • Vice President, Integrators & Pro A/V - Tom Johnson, Digital AV
  • Vice President, Network Operators - Rocky Gunderson, SeeSaw Networks
  • Vice President, Agencies/Brands - Jacquelyn Corbett Cyr, Espresso | Brand Infiltration
Our take:

Quite frankly, we still don't quite understand what the Digital Signage Association does, especially in light of the fact that there were already numerous working groups and industry associations around before these guys got started. Between POPAI's global digital group, OVAB (which focuses on advertising) and several others, one would have thought that the market for such groups was saturated. However, with a very low membership price and newly-minted charter, the DSA has shown us otherwise.

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