Digital Signage Advertising en Route to Becoming a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Published on: 2015-02-05

So says a new report from NSR, according to this MarketWire press release:

According to NSR the industry, which has the majority of deployments and revenues globally from retail, hospitality, healthcare and transportation verticals, is poised to grow from an estimated installed base of about 210,000 sites in 2007 to more than 850,000 sites during the period from 2008 to 2013. Though North America and Europe remain leaders in deployments, countries such as China, Australia and India in the Asia Pacific are witnessing tremendous growth and are estimated to reach the scale of their early-adoptive counterparts over a five-year period.

Revenues from advertising, though hard to come by initially, have picked up considerably with advertisers recognizing the impact of the medium on consumers, especially in retail locations such as malls and supermarkets. Here, once again, the global industry is expected to grow at a healthy rate of about 18% from its current estimated figure of nearly $1 billion annually in advertising revenue.

Our take:

Yet another research report indicating strong growth for the digital signage industry.  While we suppose it's better than seeing a new report indicating stagnation or decline, we're at a loss as to who would actually pay yet another vendor for yet another report. Forrester Research currently publishes annually, as does PQ Media and iSuppli.  We're starting to wonder how much additional information one report can possibly carry over another. If anything, the advantage is that they come out at different times of the year, so companies that need to possess the absolute latest "information" will just keep buying as the months go on.

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