DT Research Advances Debuts Proximity Advertising

Published on: 2015-02-05

Yet another Earthtimes press release indicates:

DT Research™, Inc., an industry leader in the development of information appliances for vertical markets, today announced the immediate availability of the WebDT Event Trigger Digital Signage System. This innovative system extends current interactive digital signage capabilities from touch screens to events that occur in close proximity. The system detects when a customer picks up a product, walks up to a product display or enters into a demo zone. This motion triggers a multimedia advertisement or product information to begin playing on a nearby digital sign. One of the leading U.S. mobile operators is currently piloting the system in nearly 100 stores across the country.

The WebDT Event Trigger Digital Signage System offers significant benefits to retailers, hospitality companies and consumers. Consumers immediately receive pertinent information about a product that they are interested in without having to find a sales person, wait in line or leave the store to conduct research online. Retailers and hospitality companies are able to provide timely, high-quality customer service without adding sales staff. Ultimately, the system speeds up sales processes by providing customers with immediate, accurate and up-to-date information about products they are considering buying – at the point-of-purchase.

Our take:

A number of companies have been releasing solutions that enable digital signs to interact with store merchandise and other in-store systems. This is both encouraging in that it will allow digital screens to play a more integrated and central role in advanced digital store merchandising, but also discouraging as there are no standards for these new systems to adhere to. Consequently, we expect a number of vendors (perhaps ourselves included) to pick one or two systems to verify interoperability with, and that means additional confusion and complexity when it comes time to work on customer integration projects.

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