DISH Network announces digital signage offerings

Published on: 2015-02-05

IP Communications tells us:
DISH Network has decided to extend its business solutions services to provide digital signage platforms for clients to address a variety of communications needs.

DISH Digital Media Services, which includes DISH DIGITAL SIGNS and DISH EzSIGNS, combines DISH Network’s fleet of satellites, national installation network, uplink centers, and teleport fiber POPs nationwide to provide commercial and private businesses with live and stored digital communications content.

DISH Network will utilize its current system of 24-hour operations and uplink distribution centers to support DISH Digital Media Services and its private and commercial clients.
Our take:

If DISH has excess satellite capacity and is looking to monetize it, digital signage might look like a good way to do so.  However, with more customers demanding per-unit specificity, live, dynamic content and frequent changes, we wonder if satellite is really going to be a suitable distribution method in many situations.  While there are still a good number of legacy deployments in the world that utilize satellite technology, increasingly terrestrial IP networks are becoming the distribution method of choice in enterprise digital signage deployments. DISH plans to source the software technology from vendor Stratacache.

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