Channel M Rolls Out Its First Bilingual In-Store TV Network

Published on: 2015-02-05

This press release says:

Channel M, the leading developer of customized in-store TV networks, is rolling out a new in-store network for PLS Check Cashers, one of the nation’s oldest and largest check cashing establishments. Advertising and programming on the network, installed across the country at PLS Check Cashers stores, will be offered in both English and Spanish to reflect customer demographics and language preferences. PLS TV is the first network Channel M is programming with bilingual content. Test networks have been rolled out in 50 PLS Check Cashers locations nationwide.

“The launch of our in-store PLS TV network follows an initial beta program that demonstrated very positive results in our test locations,” said Dan Wolfberg, president of PLS Check Cashers. “The qualitative results included improvements in the overall customer experience and increases in usage of the PLS products featured on the in-store program. Working closely with Channel M, we developed program features and ads that strategically promote our products and services to our multicultural, bilingual clientele.”

Our take:

Given how simple it is to deliver demographically-optimized content to different screens in most digital signage networks, we're surprised that Channel M hadn't gotten involved in a bilingual network before - especially given their reach in the market.  However, as Channel M no doubt understands, it's much more complicated than merely translating some English-language content into Spanish.  Cultural differences in consumption, shopping and even browsing habits will have to be addressed to ensure that the content that gets delivered to each market segment is optimal. No small feat, to be sure.

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