C-Store TV Network Expands

Published on: 2015-02-05

This press release says:

Mirroring sister network Gas Station TV's expansion and roll out plan, C-Store TV will continue to aggressively install in locations already equipped with the Gas Station TV network across the top 30 DMAs. With this continued growth, Destination Media's reach will top 250 million viewers annually by the end of 2008. This continues the rapid penetration of Destination Media's networks in more than 20 major media markets including the top-13 DMAs. Destination Media's Gas Station TV network reaches more consumers in top DMAs than any other at-the-pump network.

The Gas Station TV/C-Store TV "power duo" creates a complete media destination for consumers and marketers. Promotional ads on Gas Station TV direct customers into the convenience store where they receive reinforced messaging on C-Store TV. This enhanced combination has shown to increase revenue at the valuable point-of-purchase for gas station owners as well as advertisers on the network.

Our take:

There's a long running debate as to whether or not gas station networks "work" or not, as many people have very publicly voiced their dislike for these screens. However, the sister screens located inside the convenience stores typically draw less ire, and less attention overall.  This, despite the fact that margins on items inside the store are extremely high, and many purchases are impulse purchases -- the best kind to influence with digital signage and dynamic POP displays.

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