Behavioral Marketing: 'It's Only Going To Get Creepier'

Published on: 2015-02-05

MediaWeek notes that:

Today's behavioral marketing is just a taste of what's to come, according to David Martin, the director of interactive media for Ignited, who predicted "It's only going to get creepier" during the OMMA Behavioral conference on Monday. But Martin and his fellow panelists also agreed that behavioral marketers will also move to moderate the discipline in ways that protect privacy.

Starting with the dramatic predictions, Martin opined that "Minority Report isn't so far away," including the delivery of behaviorally targeted advertising in public places. "Digital and addressable media will go from just your PC to your living room, your kids at school, in your car, at work." Martin predicted this would essentially mean a coordination of behavioral targeting, mobile distribution and place-based video or interactive digital displays.

Our take:

Thankfully, most of the people working on these programs are not complete idiots, per this additional quote from the article:

But OMMA panelists agreed this kind of messaging could well lead to consumer backlash if it went too far, and generally endorsed a conservative approach to behavioral marketing. Above all, they agreed that marketers should voluntarily limit their sources of data, to avoid alienating consumers who are concerned about issues of privacy.

Now whether or not the organization (or any other) will find a way to effectively preserve consumer privacy and rights while still providing marketers with the additional data that they crave remains to be seen.  Without a legal or economic stimulus to do so, we have slim hopes.

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