Arbitron measures good results with place-based media

Published on: 2015-02-05

As MediaPost reports:
Approximately 90% of people who see advertising in health care venues can recall an ad delivered by those media, including both health care workers, patients and visitors, according to a new study by Arbitron performed for the Health Media Network. This result includes the impact of both media and place-based video. The HMN ads included both posters and spots inserted into content on digital televisions around health care facilities.

Arbitron found that 60% of the total hospital population noticed at least one of the media, 55% noticed the TVs and 45% noticed the posters. The group of patients and visitors who noticed the TVs watched about 1 hour and eight minutes' worth of content on average, including advertising. Furthermore, 60% recalled at least two ads, and 31% recalled three.

Our take:

This isn't the first digital out-of-home network that Arbitron has been asked (paid) to measure, but what's interesting is that they seem to get consistently good results from the medium. However, ad recall is far away from influencing purchasing behavior, or, ultimately, compelling the sale of the advertised product. However, as many other advertising media use "recall" as a yard stick, if nothing else this method should help media buyers compare the relative effectiveness of digital signage networks with their chosen media (probably print or TV).

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