Advergame arcades take 'brand experience' to new places

Published on: 2015-02-05

Adverlab was running an interesting blog article on a so-called advergame arcade at MSNBC's digital arcade in Rockefeller Plaza:
The same people who brought us interactive movie theater entertainment have installed several advergaming arcades in the digital cafe at Rockefeller Plaza in  Manhattan. The two games are NewsBlaster and NewsBreaker.

The arcades are free and  hooked up to the web. Love the old-school look and the  homage, perhaps unintended, to Tapper, the first arcade to feature a brand.
Our take:

These games were put together by our friends at Brand Experience Labs, who consistently find new and clever ways to connect people with the brands they're already probably familiar with, but maybe don't have regular interactions with.  There's more information about the games here and here, and while they're mostly adaptations of old favorites, they incorporate both brand messages as well as some unique features and content (and social media extensions) to make them more compelling, easier to access outside of their physical, old-school arcade consoles, and of course, stickier.  Could branded entertainment be the next big trend in the kiosk industry?

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