Adspace digital signage network expands into Tennessee

Published on: 2015-02-05

As this press release tells us:

The Rivergate Mall, CoolSprings Galleria, and the Hickory Hollow Mall in Nashville have joined the Adspace Mall Network, the largest in-mall digital advertising network in the country.

Adspace Networks owns the Adspace Mall Network, the nation's largest in-mall digital advertising network with "Smart Screens" located in 104 upscale, class-A shopping malls nationwide. Adspace is now in 39 DMAs, including the top 10, and has attracted hundreds of regional and local advertisers, such as colleges, recruitment agencies, car dealers, homebuilders, restaurants, spas and healthcare facilities. Nationally, Adspace has attracted clients such as AT&T, The Coca-Cola Company, MTV, Macy's, Geico and many more. The network is reaching over 100 million visitors every four weeks.

The key to the consumer appeal of the Smart Screens is unique editorial content called "Today's Top Ten." Adspace editors poll 600 retailers each week for the most exciting promotional offers, and select the top 10 for each mall. Each final selection is featured in a 12-second editorial segment designed to inform and engage the shoppers. Each of the 10 segments is seen every six minutes, which amounts to nearly 700 viewings per week. Typically, features may include a gift with purchase, a one-day sales promotion or an exciting in-store event.

Our take:

AdSpace continues to perform well, though we'd be really interested to learn what their margins are. The company continues to take equity money to fund their growth (and considering how much each of their specially designed flatscreen enclosures must cost, is understandable), but likewise continues to add properties to their portfolio, suggesting that investors continue to believe that their footprint will win them the ad deals they need to become (remain?) profitable.

On the other hand, digital signage in malls continues to be a tough sell for many. While the venues offer lots of foot traffic and an obviously pro-retail environment, advertisers complain that it's difficult to focus shopper attention, and the systems frequently must contend with other stimuli that distract and entertain the prospective "audience."

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