AdAge grills TruMedia on what metrics mean to the digital signage world

Published on: 2015-02-05

AdAge has an interview with George Murphy, CEO of TruMedia, one of those gaze tracking/monitoring firms. It doesn't cover much new ground, but includes this question:

MediaWorks: Based on the progress groups like the TAB and OVAB have made in the last 18 months, how far away would you say we are from the tipping point in out-of-home video spending?

Mr. Murphy: The rollout [from the TAB and OVAB's new metrics] is going to be very slow. They want to walk before they run. I have a full head of hair, but it's gonna go gray while I'm waiting for those metrics. The idea of us working a little more aggressively with the Arbitrons and the Nielsens of the world to get more real-world examples out there is the best way to see metrics develop.

Our take:

Murphy's approach is  interesting, and not quite what we were expecting to hear.  TAB, OVAB, ISMI, POPAI (MARI) and other acronym-cum-agencies are trying to get a metric established as the "standard" before somebody else does.  Recognizing this, and realizing that one catches more flies with honey, Murphy suggests that tools like TruMedia might be a way for these guys to get more meaningful data faster. Or, it might be a way to validate results from their existing efforts. Either way, Murphy essentially tries to turn potential competitors into potential customers by explaining that gaze tracking is the means, not the end itself.

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