A few knols on digital signage

Published on: 2015-02-05

Have you heard of Google Knol? Yeah, us neither. But apparently it's a new knowledge repository that has been billed by some as a Wikipedia-killer.  Bill has been writing a few digital signage-related articles that we thought we should point out. Regular readers of this site may not learn much as the content is geared towards novices to the industry, but there are still some useful bits of information, and a way-cool way to comment and get responses from him (if that's your thing).

The first is a basic digital signage primer that covers the basics of site architecture, the components required for most network implementations, common applications by vertical market (e.g. retail, hospitality, health care, etc.), and the current pros and cons of using digital signs versus regular static signs.

The second is a primer on digital signage software that examines the software components of a managed digital signage installation, like content management and remote administration. It also covers some common vocabulary used throughout the industry, and the relative merits of things like push-based systems versus pull-based ones.

If you get a free moment, check them out. Questions, comments or concerns? Leave a comment (here or there)!

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