ABC SuperSign tries an interactive digital OOH campaign

Published on: 2015-02-05

SignWeb alerts us to this news:
"What the People Want," Volkswagen’s new interactive campaign on the ABC SuperSign in Times Square, appears to be interactive messages. The campaign is scheduled for eight minutes every hour from mid-April to mid-May.

The two-minute spot prompts participants to respond to a polling question each time it plays. Users participate through mobile devices to send SMS-text messages to respond to user-submitted questions. Participants' usernames and the live results of each question are dynamically published, and integrated with HD-quality video, animated graphics and text, in real time, on the SuperSign.

The interactive spot is the first of its kind on the ABC SuperSign system. Show & Tell Productions (NYC) designed and created the display's sign control system; developed the technology for the dynamic-text and graphics-rendering engine; integrated and configured the live-data feeds; and built templates that integrate the interactive Flash application results, HD-quality video and text.
Our take:

Interactive out-of-home applications on digital billboards are becoming increasingly popular, and make a lot of sense in places where there are large numbers of pedestrians passing near the signs. They offer all of the benefits of non-interactive digital signs plus the addition of an opt-in interactive component that makes use of readily-available infrastructure like cellphones and Bluetooth or SMS messages, giving marketers a way to engage interested viewers in a measurable and verifiable way.

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