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Windows Digital Signs Show the Blue Screen of Death

Published on: 2005-01-12

I've mentioned the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) once before in an article called "Clear Channel getting into the digital signage business", but I just couldn't resist bringing it up again after running into a few really great pictures of real-world digital signs in need of the old 3-finger salute (which is only slightly more polite than the one finger salute, but can be just as infuriating).  Anyway, it's clear that this system in New York City or this one in Toronto are clearly not running a robust system like FireCast digital signage software.  (Ok, the Toronto one isn't technically a true BSOD, but illustrates another common kind of problem with many Windows-based signage software packages - the dialog box of doom).

As Chad Dickerson notes on his InfoWorld blog page, there is something of a subculture out there (and now armed with camera phones :) bent on capturing pictures of faulty public display computers and interactive kiosks.  We have a few more fun photos on this page, if you'd like to see them.  If you'd prefer to contribute, feel free to send your shots (or a link) to

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