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The Digital Retail Expo

Published on: 0000-00-00

Somewhat recently it was brought to my attention that a new tradeshow/convention for hi-tech retail applications has been put together by ExpoNation, the tradeshow producers who brought us such classics as the Retail Construction Expo, and the LightShow. Their newest creation, the Digital Retailing Expo focuses specifically on high-tech store fixtures, interactive kiosks and digital signage displays. It will be held on October 11 and 12 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

It's sort of interesting to watch a new tradeshow come to be. When I first found out about this show, its sole corporate sponsor was Convergent Media Systems, a well known consulting company in the digital signage arena, with projects underway in Borders Books and Advance Auto Parts. At the time, the exhibitor roster I think had about 6 companies listed. Today, the show is additionally backed by ActiveLight, a plasma TV reseller trying to find some place to add value to digital signage deals. The fit is natural, since Active Light does sell a good number of plasmas and related things into the retail sector, and they do rep a number of respectable digital signage products, FireCast kiosk and digital signage software included. The display roster is now up to 14. It's not a big show by any stretch -- I think the Moscone center could hold around 200 times that number of exhibitors -- but it has enough traction to see its way through this year.

I'll be particularly interested to see if it makes a return next year, though, as that would indicate that there is ongoing interest from sellers and buyers alike in this emerging market. Tradeshows serve as telltales for their represented industries, varying in size and venue to fit the needs and state of the vendors, exhibitors and customers (when there are any) attending. This year's show will be a good shake-out, but I think that next year's will be the one to watch.

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