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Survey: Searching for Value in the Digital Signage Marketplace

Published on: 2009-05-05

While the recession still seems to be in full swing, we've increasingly been hearing stories of success in the digital signage marketplace. To be sure, a fair number of retailers are playing with the stuff right now -- perhaps more seriously than they might have otherwise -- but deals are being done in more sectors than ever. Health care networks seem to be one of the the most volatile and rapidly accelerating areas right now, but corporate messaging, hospitality, travel and government are all getting a piece of the action. There's obviously no way that we can keep track of all the deals out there. However, I thought it might be interesting to once again tap the wisdom of the crowds to find out a little more about what the industry is doing as a whole.

You want me to fill out another survey?

Yup, but hear me out first. I know a lot of you folks are involved in the digital signage space to some extent or another, but sometimes even the most expert people at the largest companies have a hard time getting a complete picture of the market. So if we all chip in a little, we might be able to generate some new insights into what's going on out there.

Here's the deal: the survey is only nine questions long. Depending on how much thought you put into your answers, it should take somewhere between 90 and 180 seconds (that's just 1 1/2 - 3 minutes) to fill out. I know your time is valuable, but this seems like a pretty good investment to me: you put in your few minutes, I spend a number of hours crunching the numbers, and then you get to see what everybody else thinks about the market (on the aggregate, anyway). As a show of thanks, I'll also email the complete set of results to everyone who enters their address in the survey form. (Don't worry, I won't use your email for anything else. Promise.)

If we uncover any surprising insights or trends, I'll take the results and use them to write up new polls and surveys to help everyone dig down even deeper. We got around 130 responses to our last poll in January, which was pretty good. But obviously there's more to gain this time around, so get your associates, clients and partners to write in too -- everyone's opinion counts!

What questions would you like to ask the industry? Write 'em down in a comment below, and we'll try to feature them in our next survey. Thanks!


+1 # Christina Beams 2009-05-14 03:56
How Do I Get ower water Bottling project of the ground? We defalitly need funding. what do you sugest?
+1 # Bill Gerba 2009-05-31 16:51
Hi Christina, I have no idea -- this is a blog about digital signage, marketing and advertising. But to begin with, you might want to turn on spell-checker :)
0 # Squeem 2009-06-15 07:20
Good one Bill. You managed to make me laugh...
0 # Tamara 2010-04-07 17:10
Hi Bill, anything on the switch from a Billboard culture to DS and challenges with the way either is perceived by consumers?

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