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As the digital signage industry heats up and more companies join in the fun, there are an ever increasing number of news sources to keep on top of.  I've posted about a few of them in the past, and I'll offer up another quasi-related one today.  This one is the Pervasive.TV/Blog (yes, it's actually punctuated like that), brought to us by the International Informatics Institute, or  Who are, you ask?  Well, from their website, "[t]he International Informatics Institute (IN3.ORG) is a technology research and consulting organization in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 1982 as the Interactive Features Graphics Research Lab by Jack Powers, the firm's research associates consult with users, developers and investors concerning information and communications technologies, electronic media strategy, and emerging technology development."  The Pervasive.TV/Blog isn't specifically oriented towards out-of-home media like digital signs or narrowcast networks, but it does look at many of the same topics as we do.  Additionally, the outdoor TV page that lead me to their blog links to us, so in the spirit of blogging I thought I'd be reciprocal.

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