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Published on: 2004-02-23

After receiving an email from Mike Levin of Scala regarding my last entry, I decided that it might be interesting to see who else is writing about kiosks and digital signage as part of some kind of informal practice. A quick search of both Google and Yahoo! lead to some interesting results, and a lot more uninteresting ones.

Probably the best site is that of Tim Daw, one of the founders of NetShift, a kiosk software company out of the U.K. He maintains KNO, or KioskNews.Org. And I'm happy to say that while he is so close to NetShift, his site is fairly balanced. In fact, today's entry features a WireSpring press release, so that speaks to his ability to actually present news about the industry, not just spin it.

Then of course there's the aforementioned Matthewn Nolton's Blog on Kiosk Software. To his credit, Matthew does include some code samples and thoughts that might be useful to somebody starting a new kiosk project.

I though that this entry of James Bach's Blog was particularly interesting. His argument is well thought out and his observations are, in my opinion, dead-on. It's good to see other people looking into issues like this. Community involvement and customer feedback are, in my opinion, the best way to produce a rock-solid product.

The only other particularly interesting link that I found was this one, which notes one particular type of interactive kiosk. I've never been a fan of ad-driven kiosk models, but if somebody can make it work, then hey, more power to them.

Other than that, the landscape is fairly barren. There are more articles here and there about individual kiosk projects, but nothing specific, and nothing particularly interesting.

Continuing my previous rant about Google's poor search results for WireSpring and FireCast for search terms like kiosk and digital signage, the search results for kiosk seem to be ok, mostly because there are so few legit entries at this point. Hell, this page isn't even listed yet. I guess I have some optimization work to do yet...

One last note. Remember way back to the beginning of this entry when I mentioned Mike Levin? I've just received an email from him noting that he is now running his own weblog at So I suppose that adds one more to my list.


-1 # KioskGuy 2008-01-29 19:19
Bill, I think this is growing, including my own at and I think the guys at Networld Alliance have some blogs on kiosks. Mine is sometimes critiques of kiosks I see deployed and sometimes just on various related topics or marketing ideas. I hope to see you at the upcoming digital signage expo in Feb. 2008, where we will be providing interactive signage content for DTResearch and part of their booth (shameless plug, really). Please look me up there or at KioskCom in April where we will have our own booth. I'd love to discuss industry topics with you.
-1 # Ken Larsen 2008-03-22 19:27
I thought it wouldnt harm to mention that we at KT also have a blog site, it covers industry news which is maybe a little more off the beaten track then the normal high light stories other people carry. Link to Blog
+1 # Marco Johnson 2009-03-07 23:31
At the CES 2009 in Vegas, I discovered this new type of kiosk called the Smart-Leaf. I guess what is unique about it is that it is wall mountable and comes with touch screen and fold-out keyboard. ( I am interested in purchasing one for my business, but do not know a lot about it. Has any one heard of this brand new technology? If so, what are your thoughts? It is VERY intriging.

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