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More good news for Linux... maybe

Published on: 0000-00-00

Ripped directly from Slashdot, an article on CNet reports that Macromedia will start taking Linux more seriously. This is good news, though some people have already made the content authoring tool work under Linux.

The people over at Macromedia have a very solid product line, and honestly, they've allowed us to add a lot of features to FireCast that separate us from the other digital signage software players today.

However, Linux has always played second fiddle to Windows and even Mac OS with regard to support from Macromedia. This is certainly understandable, since Windows site on a huge proportion of computer users' machines, and Mac has traditionally been a stronghold of artists, designers, and trendy people everywhere.

This poses a problem for us over at WireSpring, since most people building interactive kiosks and digital signage networks want to be able to use the latest and greatest technologies, and we have to be able to deliver. In the past, we've often had to jump through hoops to ensure that Flash works as well in Linux as other operating systems, and our engineers have spent weeks making optimizations to our software and remote management tools to ensure that everything is stable and seamless.

So when Macromedia starts talking about taking Linux more seriously, we listen. We have been part of the Macromedia beta community for several years, and the support that we get from their staff has been outstanding. We've made a number of suggestions on their wish list, and our developers have often participated on their developer forums.

So here's to hoping that Macromedia will continue to make more of an effort on Linux products. We're anxiously awaiting the next version of Flash Player for Linux, and WireSpring will gladly offer up testing and QA resources to help make it work as well on Linux as it does in Windows.

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