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It seems that with election time coming up (and it's a big one this year), there has been a frenzy of activity in the Internet/online/kiosk voting area lately. I've made my opinion on the matter quite clear in times past, but there certainly is a good deal of debate going on as to whether it's time to move to electronic voting en masse. eWeek seems to have the most coverage on the subject, but there are also reports coming in from Baseline. By and large, the government looks like it may scrap the purely Internet-based voting system that it was considering for overseas and military polling stations due to concerns over security.

Likewise, many counties considering the Diebold Election System are now reconsidering (see this, this or this, for example), and in fact,

"A House-Senate committee studying the security of electronic voting machines recommended Wednesday that boards of election be required to allow Ohio voters to confirm their choices with a paper receipt, beginning in 2006 elections." (full story at USA Today).

This is certainly only the beginning of this type of legislation. Expect more in the future, especially as more Americans start to demand electronic voting options as a matter of convenience.

Update: Even more of this stupidity. Now, being a Florida resident, and having lived through the stupidity of the 2000 election, I understand why many people feel that a change --any change-- is worth trying. But if the folks down here are having trouble making their piece of folded paper work correctly, what on earth makes the government think that they'll be able to use a computer?

On another unrelated note, I would like to welcome Digital Media Assets, Inc. to the exciting world of digital signage. We need a strong channel full of smart, sophisticated integrators to make the most of this industry, and we're looking forward to working with DMA on many successful ventures!

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