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A New Kiosk and Digital Signage Trade Show & Conference: The At-Retail Media Expo

Published on: 2004-10-07

I just got an email from the folks at GlobalShop about a new tradeshow that they are planning for September of '05.  The show, called the At-Retail Media Expo or ARM Expo, will be run by VNU Expositions, a firm that coordinates a large number of other conferences.  The ARM Expo seems to be focusing on in-store (or at least out-of-home) advertising strategies, and specifically mentions digital signage networks (though they call them digital network signage, because what we really need right now is another moniker for this technology).

Anyway, the email is fairly informative, so I'm going to cut and paste a big chunk of it here:

It's no secret that reaching consumers at the time and place that they make
their buying decisions has become increasingly important---even crucial to
building successful brand strategies. A diluted mass-media market makes it
more difficult to reach consumers through traditional media channels. Yet,
those same busy consumers are spending more retail dollars each year;
almost $4 trillion in 2003.

These trends have left brands, retailers and their agencies hungry for
retail channel solutions. These media buyers are eagerly exploring existing
and emerging retail channel advertising options, including Digital Network
Signage and RFID. ARM Expo will address the market's needs, in the heart
of the media industry, New York City.


ARM Expo takes place in the media capital of the world, New York City, just
a few minutes walk from virtually thousands of the worlds' largest and most
important advertising agencies, as well as market-leading brands, retailers
and financial institutions. And, ARM Expo takes place during the prime
media-planning timeframe of the year, helping ARM Expo exhibitors gain
maximum ROI.

ARM Expo exhibitors can trust that GlobalShop and VNU will deliver the
agency audience, as well as leading retailers, brand marketers and
financial institutions. ARM Expo will build on the unprecedented track
record that VNU and GlobalShop have built in the industry.

ARM Expo's conference program will help drive retail media channel
information-hungry agencies, retailers and brands. By tapping into the
industry's leading experts, ARM Expo's conference program will deliver
critical at-retail media channel information on issues such as emerging
technology impact, at-retail media placement verification, at-retail
audience measurement, and at-retail media ROI.
If you're interested in speaking, exhibiting or attending, you should probably get in contact with somebody over at VNU Expositions for details.

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