Information Kiosks & Internet Kiosk Systems

Understanding various flavors of kiosks, from web access terminals to product info stations

Kiosk enclosure

Information kiosks and Internet kiosk systems utilize similar software and hardware platforms to perform somewhat different functions. Information kiosks are designed to provide access to one or more focused applications, such as browsing a store's product catalog or learning about a venue's available services. Internet kiosks, on the other hand, provide on-demand access to a wide variety of Internet sites, email, and more in exchange for a per-minute fee. Recently, the line between these devices has blurred, with some newer kiosk systems providing aspects of both. Whether you are working on computer information kiosks or an Internet kiosk system, make sure that your software offers a secure, locked down environment and robust kiosk management tools.

Like other types of self-service kiosks, informational and Internet kiosks typically utilize a rugged, industrial-strength housing along with a number of specialized peripherals, such as card readers and thermal receipt printers.

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