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July 2008
How Many Signs are Too Many?
Sound and Video Contractor
Bill provides some advice on determining the right number of digital signs to install in a given venue.
April 2008
Two-Faced Technology
Vertical Systems Reseller
Bill Gerba talks about how centralized content scheduling and multi-zone screen layouts can be used to create applications that combine the functionality of kiosks and digital signs.
March 2008
Bright Lights, Big Impact
Bill discusses how marketers can take advantage of electronic billboard advertising.

Are your customers ready for digital signage?
Sign Business
Bill Gerba provides some guidelines for traditional sign vendors who are looking to get into the digital realm.
January 2008
Media Metrics: Finding the Darjeeling Limit
Bill looks at a compelling new pricing model for out-of-home advertising.
August 2007
NBC selling ads on digital signs
Digital Signage Today
Bill Gerba talks about the benefits of including out-of-home ads with integrated media buys. Read more about NBC and digital signage advertising.
July 2007
MIT demonstrates 'wireless electricity'
Digital Signage Today
Bill offers some ideas about how digital signage might benefit from wireless power technologies.
May 2007
Tracking digital signage effectiveness
Digital Signage Today
A group of industry veterans talks about the measurement challenges that accompany digital signage networks.
April 2007
Chains Talk the Same Lingo
Mass Market Retailers (April 16 edition)
An overview of the in-store media network at Wal-Mart Mexico.
March 2007
Fourth Screen Awards honor content innovation
Digital Signage Today
Coverage of the Strategy Institute's Content Strategies summit, including Bill Gerba's presentation on user-generated content.
February 2007
Digital billboards under attack
Digital Signage Today
Bill Gerba talks about some of the safety issues surrounding digital billboards.
December 2006
Cisco buys digital signage company
Self Service World
Industry leaders provide their opinions about Cisco's acquisition of Tivella.
November 2006
Signage Guru Bill Gerba Sees Growing Reliance on Fiber
Sound & Video Contractor
Bill talks about the growing use of fiber-optic lines to distribute video content within retail stores and other venues.
October 2006
In-Store Media: Onscreen at Wal-Mart
Chain Store Age
Detailed coverage of the in-store network at Wal-Mart Mexico, including background on the relationship between Wal-Mart and Televisa, the media company that operates the network.
July 2006
Signing Up With the Digital Revolution
Sign Builder Illustrated
Bill Gerba and others discuss emerging applications in the indoor and outdoor display market.
June 2006
Media Metrics: Measuring What's In Store
Bill Gerba outlines several methods for tracking the impact of a digital signage network.
May 2006
Bass Pro Shops Lights Up With Digital Signage
Chain Store Age
How retailer Bass Pro Shops uses digital signage to drive sales and enhance the shopping experience.
April 2006
Media Metrics: Measuring In-Store Value
WireSpring's Bill Gerba analyzes various digital signage business models.
February 2006
Plummeting Prices Create A Huge New Market For Digital Signage
This article looks at digital signage in various markets, with quotes from Bill Gerba and WireSpring customer Allodic Marketing.

Doing Business in Retail AV (PDF)
Pro AV
A collection of articles about at-retail media, featuring Bill Gerba and WireSpring customer profiles.
January 2006
The 2006 Software Roundup
Self-Service World
FireCast is profiled as a top digital signage software platform.

How To Build a Whitebox Digital Sign System
This article discusses best practices for choosing digital signage hardware and software, including FireCast.
December 2005
Self-Service 2006: A look ahead
Kiosk Marketplace
WireSpring's Bill Gerba talks about industry growth in the areas of photo kiosks and self-checkout.
September & October 2005
Building a Successful Digital Signage Team
Kiosk Marketplace
WireSpring CEO Bill Gerba provides advice on assembling the right cast of characters for a digital signage business (5-part series).
August 2005
Digital Signage Takes Off
WireSpring's Bill Gerba looks at the evolution of digital signage in retail stores and the trends contributing to the rapid growth of this medium.

Twenty-first Century POP
Transworld Business
Discusses WireSpring customer Allodic Marketing.

How to measure the breakeven point of digital displays
Self-Service World
WireSpring's Bill Gerba talks about ROI and sales lift for retail digital signage.

The Cure for the Common Ad
Digital Graphics Magazine
WireSpring CEO Bill Gerba discusses digital signage content and systems integration. Several WireSpring customers are also featured.
July 2005
LCDs and Plasma Displays: The Bigger, The Better
Discusses WireSpring customer Bass Pro Shops and their in-store digital signage network.
June 2005
The Power of Digital Signage
Pro AV Magazine
WireSpring CEO Bill Gerba provides insights on the digital signage industry and how to achieve ROI on digital signage networks.

Narrowcasting startup offers targeted exposure
Caribbean Business
Discusses WireSpring customer Prime Time Web Media.
May 2005
Checkout diversion overhead - Company sells on closed circuit
Sioux Falls Argus Leader
Discusses WireSpring customer OnDisplay Media Networks.

Internet kiosks and the law
Kiosk Marketplace
April 2005
Kiosk industry cashes in on self-service trend
CBS MarketWatch
Greg Swistak, executive director of, discusses trends in the kiosk industry. WireSpring is mentioned as a leading software provider.
March 2005
Republic Bank Switches to WireSpring

They don't do Windows
Kiosk Marketplace

The incredible shrinking kiosk
Kiosk Marketplace

The end-market gets an eyeful at The Kiosk Show
Kiosk Marketplace

The 2005 Kiosk Software Review
Kiosk Magazine
February 2005
WireSpring kiosks boost car sales
Kiosk Marketplace

Exhibitors ready for first spring Kiosk Show
Kiosk Marketplace
October 2004
Third Kiosk Show unites end-users, solutions providers
Kiosk Marketplace
July 2004
In-Store TV at Siba Electronics in Sweden Markets DVD Movies and Sells Ad Space to Siba's Vendors
January 2004
Kiosk Software Guide 2004
Kiosk Magazine
January 2003
2003 Kiosk Software Review
Kiosk Magazine
August 2002
Hot Products
Kiosk Magazine
March 2002
Hot Products
Kiosk Magazine
February 2002
2002 Kiosk Software Review
Kiosk Magazine
November 2001
Companies to Watch
Florida Trend Magazine