WireSpring's EasyStart Brings Vibrant, Low Cost Digital Signage to Small Networks and AV Integrators

The newest addition to WireSpring's product line, FireCast Digital Signage EasyStart is designed for networks with fewer than 10 screens and optimized for the Pro AV integration channel. EasyStart provides a ready-to-use hardware and software solution for only $1350.

Fort Lauderdale - March 31, 2009 - WireSpring today announced FireCast Digital Signage EasyStart, a new product that brings low-cost digital signage to small networks and AV integrators.

Why launch a new digital signage product? To begin with, the market is changing.

Ten years ago, the cost and hassle of building a digital signage network scared away all but the most determined marketers and venue owners. Today, screens are popping up everywhere, and organizations of all sizes have begun installing digital signs to deliver timely messages to their customers and employees. From schools and doctor's offices to churches and corporate break rooms, businesses are searching for an easy way to communicate with their audience and update the messaging on-the-fly.

Many companies want to build a small network, but can't find a good solution.

The products available for small digital signage networks are far from ideal. Bill Gerba should know, since his company WireSpring has been in the digital signage business for almost nine years, and has published the Digital Signage Insider blog for the past five. "We get an incredible number of inquiries from people who are deploying 10 screens or less," he noted. "After collecting a few thousand requests, we realized there's a whole market searching for a better solution, and decided to build the product they asked for."

FireCast Digital Signage EasyStart addresses this need.

Starting with their acclaimed FireCast enterprise software, WireSpring created a special version designed for smaller projects. "There were some features -- like being able to view your screens live from a web browser -- that were impractical for networks with hundreds of screens, but made sense when managing just a few," Bill explained. "We selected the best features from our enterprise product, made it easier to use, and bundled it with the playback hardware so all you have to do is connect the box to your screen," he said. The system can be used for installations as small as a single screen, and doesn't require Internet access for content updates.

Affordable doesn't mean underpowered anymore.

EasyStart is priced to fit smaller budgets, with a complete hardware and software solution selling for $1350 -- and no recurring fees. Despite the affordable pricing, EasyStart includes all the key features of high-end products, like multi-zone layouts and on-the-fly content creation. Customers just need to add a screen, like an LCD or plasma display, and they can be up and running in minutes.

Key features include:
  • Show videos, pictures, news updates, web pages, and live TV
  • Create great-looking content with the built-in templates
  • Update content from a web browser
  • No recurring fees
  • Free trial for qualified customers and resellers
EasyStart can be used to deliver relevant messages in many types of venues:
  • Schools: Keep students, teachers, and visitors informed about events
  • Churches: Encourage people to join or donate, and recognize current donors
  • Corporate Lobbies: Provide visitors with wayfinding maps and meeting locations
  • Restaurants: Create digital menu boards that change throughout the day
Small networks also provide a lucrative opportunity for AV integrators.

"Less than 5 percent of the DS market is integrated by AV companies," according to Gary Kayye, CTS. As he explained in his rAVe DS newsletter, the very companies who are best suited to help smaller organizations deploy a digital signage system are only handling about 5% of the projects. The main reason? Very few digital signage products are tailored to the Pro AV market.

FireCast EasyStart changes all that. The system is a one-time purchase, and works on a standalone or networked basis. AV integrators can easily bundle it with a screen, installation, and even content creation to create a turnkey package. Unlike many standalone systems, EasyStart supports advanced content formats like Adobe Flash 9 and provides built-in templates for creating content, thus reducing content creation costs. Plus, WireSpring offers a reseller program that includes volume pricing and enhanced support services for AV integrators.

EasyStart is available today for just $1350. Here's how to learn more: Return to the press release index

Last updated: July 6, 2015