FireCast digital signage and kiosk software to be distributed in Scandinavia by About Video Technology AB

Announcement follows successful deployment of Siba retail TV network with 2,780 screens

May 5, 2004, FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.-- WireSpring Technologies, a developer of software and technology for networked digital signage and kiosk systems, today announced that About Video Technology AB ("AVT") has been named the preferred FireCast distributor for Scandinavia. This announcement follows the successful deployment of FireCast dynamic digital signage and kiosk software to a number of retail, entertainment, and banking customers in the region, including 35 Siba retail stores. Under the terms of the deal, AVT will provide FireCast software for digital signage and kiosk networks, along with value-added service, installation, and support, to customers in Scandinavia.

"After searching the world market for the best dynamic digital signage system and deploying FireCast to a number of key customers, including Siba stores, we are more confident then ever that we chose the right partner," said Kim Zetterberg, AVT general manager. "WireSpring listens to our needs and has provided truly exemplary service," he said.

"We are very excited to be working with About Video Technology as our preferred distributor in Scandinavia," said WireSpring CEO William Gerba. "AVT has shown that they understand the digital signage marketplace and are capable of delivering high-quality solutions based on our FireCast platform. The success of the Siba network is a testament to their commitment to excellence in every facet of their business."

The Siba retail TV network consists of 2,780 screens in 35 Siba home electronics stores across Sweden. The displays are largely concentrated in the home entertainment area, where each video monitor is powered by FireCast digital signage players. With the ability to deliver highly targeted content to thousands of shoppers each day, "this is a unique opportunity for ad-buyers to reach consumers at the time of purchase," said Fredrik Melin, purchase manager at Siba.

"Siba 'was attracted to the user-friendly remote management tools and turnkey setup made possible by FireCast, along with the affordable pricing model," said Zetterberg. "These attributes, along with the incredible reliability and security of the FireCast digital signage platform, have also played a key role in our deployments to the InBarMedia nightclub network as well as other customers in the region," he continued.

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Last updated: July 23, 2005