Four financial institutions deploy FireCast kiosk and digital signage software

Banks and credit unions use FireCast to inform and entertain branch customers

February 18, 2004, FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.-- WireSpring Technologies, a developer of software for kiosks and digital signage systems, today announced that four banks and credit unions have deployed its solutions in their retail branches. These customers include America's Credit Union (Fort Lewis, WA), Fremont Federal Credit Union (Fremont, OH), ORNL Federal Credit Union (Oak Ridge, TN), and X-Change (Sweden).

"FireCast has become an integral part of our in-branch marketing," said Tom Wright, ORNL Federal Credit Union Marketing Manager. "We use plasma screens to promote our featured products and current rates, and the kiosks provide customers with detailed information on our entire product portfolio. The FireCast remote management system makes it easy to keep content up-to-date, ensuring that our digital displays match our other in-branch marketing."

America's Credit Union, Fremont Federal Credit Union, and X-Change use FireCast to provide self-service product information and access to their online banking sites. Several of these projects were completed in partnership with FireCast resellers, including Affordable Kiosks ( and About Video Technology AB (

"We are quite pleased that a number of financial institutions have deployed FireCast for on-site marketing," said WireSpring CEO William Gerba. "Banks and credit unions are a natural application for our product line, given their need to provide on-demand product information and online banking while maintaining a high level of security."

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Last updated: July 23, 2005